The Water


As loyal stewards of this sacred land in Santa Fe, Sunrise Springs is committed to preserving the venerable legacy we’ve inherited. The natural beauty of this special place can be traced back to one source: the legendary waters found beneath the surface.

Our location in La Cienaga Valley is a lush oasis within Santa Fe’s high-desert landscape. In fact, ciénaga is a Spanish term meaning ‘desert marsh,’ in which slow-moving water flows through dense vegetation – making it an ideal home for a diverse range of plants and wildlife.

This rare, natural wetland has numerous artesian springs that drain into three converging rivers, along with La Cienega Creek to the east.
The water from these springs is refreshingly cold and pure; it is free from contaminants
because it has been protected through many layers of rock on its way to the surface.

We invite you to drink our refreshing tap water as it comes from our well.
The excess unused water goes down the drain to a water treatment plant
to be cleaned and reinjected into our gardens along the property.

The spring water fills our soaking pools and tubs for the pleasure of our guests,
and feeds the resort’s two wells and our tranquil ponds. The springs provide a
continuing source of water and nutrients for our vibrant gardens.