Spiritual Guide Services


Concha, a local Curandera, is a Zapotec native from Oaxaca, Mexico. She was trained by Guadalupe de La Cruz Rios, a “Mara’akame” (Medicine Woman) of the Huichol tradition and her four “great aunts” in traditional practices. With over 30 years of experience, she is also a licensed mental health counselor, a licensed massage therapist and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Medicine Helper Sessions

Through Somatic Experiencing, tease out embedded, frozen, unresolved contained energy manifested as pain and support the response to thaw slowly, by re-experiencing and re-engaging feelings in your body. This physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual awareness integration may include body work, ritual, chanting, smudge blessing and cleansing, moving you from a place of endurance toward joy.

50 minute sessions- $119
80 minute sessions- $159

Concha Garcia Allen

Jessica Ibarra, Spiritual Guide

Originally from Puerto Rico, Jessica came to New Mexico, 3 years ago. She has been helping people with their spiritual journeys since 2008. Being a Reiki Master, a Curandera in the Mexican Healing Tradition and a Tarot Card Reader, she considers herself an instrument of the light.

Jessica is guided by the wisdom of all faiths and feels that all religions are necessary. Through her practice she shares blessings, believing that the more people she helps the more blessings our world receives, and in this way there is no limit to the abundance of blessings in the world.


This service may be done on a massage table or sitting. As a result of this interaction, you will feel complete, filled with the love of the cosmos and able to share this love with those around you. During this interaction Jessica will ask for the guidance of the Reiki Masters. She will begin with conversation and may use crystals, oils, and vibrations to access the love and compassion of the cosmos. $119

Spiritual Cleanse

This interaction will leave you with a clean aura and prepare you for new found developments in your spiritual journey. As a Curandera, Jessica will cleanse you of any attributes that may be hindering your spiritual growth. During this session, Jessica will use an egg to collect unwanted aura, and may use flowers, herbs, and smudging to help through the process. $159

Spiritual Guidance

Through conversation and instruction Jessica will meet you where you are in your spiritual journey and prompt you on your way to spiritual healing. This service may include learning about crystals or herbs and taking away written instruction.SO minutes, $139

Psychic Reading

Visit the past, present or future, or simply come back to your center with a psychic reading. Through her spiritual and ancestral guides, Jessica meets your energy where you are, and works with the connections present in your life to help you on your journey. Should your loved ones show up, she well deliver messages to you. Prepare to be open to what information is coming through Jessica for you. 50 minutes, $139

Tarot Card Reading

Jessica prepares a unique Tarot reading for you, through meditation and prayer. The reading is an instrument of communicating messages that Jessica receives from her spiritual guides about you and your journey. Take notes and leave with a better understanding of your path. $99

Claudia Mardel, Animal Communication

Claudia has always loved animals, both big and small, and has cultivated relationships with them in various ways. She grew up in Germany, and studied Elementary School Teaching for four years. She then studied Naturopathy for Animals for an additional 2 years before she left her home country and moved to Maui, HI. There, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist, studied acupuncture and worked with horses at a prestigious ranch. She is a Natural Hoofcare Practitioner, specializing in the care of horses’ feet.

Claudia has always been a deeply spiritual person, seeking answers from different religions and varied cultural backgrounds. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and the wisdom she has gained, and loves helping guide people towards a more conscious, healthy and expanded way of life.

The connection and communication between animals and people is close to her heart, and she helps build a bridge between them which can facilitate understanding, communication, mutual respect and growth.

Animal Communication Private Session
You can now book a private session that will allow you to communicate with your pet through Claudia as your translator. You can ask questions, get clarity on behavior, health and other issues.

All she needs is a picture of your pet facing the camera and a body shot, a few details like age, breed, where the animal resides, and possibly a brief history of the issue we are wanting to address. After connecting to the animal, we can ask your pet questions directly. Animals communicate mostly in pictures and feelings.

These sessions are long distance sessions – so you don’t have to have your pet with you. It can be done via phone. The animal can reside with you or have crossed over to the other side already. If you would like more information or would like to make a reservation for an in-person or phone session, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 800-704-0531.

50 minutes, $119