Ceremonial Dance: 10 pm – 11 pm

Weave the threads of past and present through ceremonial dance with Curandera Concha Garcia-Allen. 

Intention Setting: 10 pm – 12 am

Put pen to paper and set your intention for the coming year. Whether you plan to let something go or grow, intention setting can help you set the tone for the new year. 

Psychic Readings: 10 pm – 12 am

Curious what the future may hold? Illuminate your path into the new year with a mini-session with one our intuitive guides.

Dancing and Drumming: 10 pm – 12 am

Release you inner passion as you dance by the light of the moon to the rhythmic pulse of African drumming.

Vision Boards & Creative Arts: 10 pm – 12 am

Envision the year to come through fun and creative art processes. Create your vision board with collage materials, markers and pens; bringing to life your hopes and dreams. Stop for a moment and let creative inspiration take hold!

Ring in the New Year! Midnight

Welcome in the New Year with loved ones and new friends. Enjoy the count down with a glass of champagne!