Jade is a facilitator of the ‘Medicine Drum Circle’ and a ‘Spirit Animal Communicator’. She has worked alongside tribal chiefs and prominent medicine carriers, deepening and expanding her medicine path. Jade works extensively with individuals, families and corporate groups, sharing her gifts, which she believes we all carry, but not always knowing how to connect to this source within us.

Jade obtained her ‘Master of Hypnotherapy’ via extensive training in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. She has merged these energies into a modality of shared healing ways, which have been recognized and utilized by many. Jade’s native roots are from the Iroquois Nation, her tribal affiliation is Seneca.


Custom designed for your desired results. Jade is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Sessions can focus on past life regression, empowerment, personal and business goal achievement, stress relief, pain management, regenerating physical energy and inner-sourcing your creative flow, self- guided empowerment, all which can intersect and become beautifully interwoven in many ways. Individual session 80-minutes $160, Couples $240

Spirit Animal & Totem Guidance

The animal realms are abundant and surround us no matter our environment. All animals have energies we associate with or emulate. Learn how to recognize and connect to your animal guides and helpers. Receive their messages of wisdom to support you in exploring more about yourself, your personal attributes and your challenges. Sessions 50-minutes $99, 80-minutes $150

Sacred Pathways

Gain insight and clarity into your life through guided visioning and energy work designed to connect your body, mind and soul. Engaging with her spirit guides, Jade will assist you in accessing your own personal guides in a deeply connecting and transformative experience. You will be able to ask questions and receive insightful understandings for your soul’s sacred pathway. Sessions 50-minutes $99, 80-minutes $189