Glow into the New Year
A Unique New Year’s Eve Event

December 31, 10 p.m. to Midnight
Join us for a transformative experience to honor the passing year and set intentions for the New Year. Our Thrive Guides will facilitate a variety of offerings, from letting go of past challenges to glimpsing into your future with Tarot and Angel Cards.

Open and complimentary to our guests lodging with us.

We will begin around our fire pit and wrap up at our Moon House. Drinks and snacks will be available throughout the celebration.



Ritual Prayer Ceremony

Concha Garcia Allen
We’ll begin the night with a prayer in the seven directions, as well as a blessing with herbs, incense and copal. The ceremony is meant to open and clear energies to allow for a more pure expression of prayer and intention.
Ceremonial Circle
10:00 – 10:15 pm

Intention Setting Around the Fire

Eliza Skye and Jessica Ibarra
Gather together and learn how to set an intention that will lead you into the New Year and beyond.
Ceremonial Circle
10:15 – 10:30 pm

Face Painting

Alexis Cintron
Explore the many facets of your being as you discover physical expression through naturally pigmented paints. Adorn your face with the full expression of who you are and where you are going as you journey into the New Year.
Sages Yoga Studio
10:30 – 11 pm

Dancing and Drumming

Laurie Magoon
Release your inner passion as you dance in the fire- and moonlight to the rhythmic pulse of the drum. Featuring West African drummer Soriba Fofana.
Sages Yoga Studio
11 – 11:30 pm


Diane Chase
Breathe deep, and center and ground yourself in this season of inner guidance and change. Allow the mindful movement of Qigong to set you on your path of discovery in the New Year.
Sages Yoga Studio
11:30 – 11:45 pm

15-Minute Card Readings

Jessica Ibarra
Curious what the future may hold? Sit with our Spiritual Guide Jessica Ibarra as she provides you with a 3-card tarot reading followed by pulling an Angel card for guidance in the New Year.

Fireside Storytelling

Carl Dickens
Stories tell us where we have been and show us where we are going. Sit with our Historical & Cultural Guide as he shares stories from New Mexico’s past and present.

Vision Boards

Envision the year to come through a fun and creative art process. Create your vision board with collage materials, markers and pens; bringing to life your hopes and dreams.

Champagne Toast in the Moon House at Midnight
Closing Ceremony

Fire has the ability to cleanse, clear and transform. Gather in ceremony with us around the fire with your intentions in hand. Together we will welcome in the New Year, embracing the new path you have set for yourself this evening. 
Ceremonial Circle
12 am