Concha Garcia Allen is a native Curandera, licensed massage therapist and, traditional body trauma counselor who has been practicing for more than 30 years. She walks three ceremonial paths, each honored yet integrated into her heart and her spirit. At Sunrise Springs Concha leads a range of ceremonies that are based on relationship: to ourselves, to our communities, to our planet, and to the natural elements and spirits whether seen or unseen. Two specific offerings that Concha facilitates are a traditional Sweat Lodge and Four Directions Ceremonies.

The Sweat Lodge is said to be the first sacred ceremony to be given to the Native people. It symbolizes going into the womb of Mother Earth to renew oneself and engage with the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. Guests experience four rounds or phases of the Sweat to symbolize the four seasons, and the four stages of life. Concha incorporates a variety of traditions, and invites her ancestors into the ceremony to offer blessings of introspection, cleansing, gratitude, and renewal.

This ceremony has its roots in the dances of the Native Indians of Mexico. At Sunrise Springs, Concha guides participants with the Nahui Ollin-Four Movements (nawee oleen). These traditional movements symbolize our integration with the planets and star. By doing these steps, we mark our place and time on Earth to promote harmony with the Universe.

What do I wear in the sweat lodge?
Modesty and comfort best describe the attire for the Sweat Lodge. It is respectful for men to wear loose, long bathing suits and t-shirts or light, loose-fitting clothing. Women wearing bathing suits should wrap a towel or sarong around the waist and wear a loose-fitting t-shirt.


  • If you have any chronic medical conditions, please consult with your medical provider before attending the Sweat Lodge ceremony.   
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water during the day of the ceremony. It is recommended to have had at least 6 glasses of water prior to the event. 
  • The lodge is an enclosed circle space and the number of participants may vary. If you have a tendency to react in small, dark spaces, please talk to the facilitator and you can be seated near the door.  

Sign up is required and there is a $65 fee to participate.

The sweat is available only to guests who are lodging with us. 

This is a memorable experience that we hope you’ll enjoy!

Concha Garcia Allen, MA, LMT, SEP, Curandera, Ceremonial Leader and Aztec Dance Leader

  My favorite was the Spirit Lodge. Concha, a local traditional healer led the practice and provided a container for wholeness and healing–my highest recommendation and gratitude. –Vivian C.