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Puppies and Young Dogs

At Sunrise Springs, guests experience the joy of playing with puppies and young dogs, and help train these bundles of love to become future service dogs. We are proud partners with Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW), an organization that has served the community for over 20 years.

Get Schooled! Assistance Dog University
Explore and practice the techniques used to train our five to nine-month old Assistance Dogs-in-training. Using positive reinforcement and relationship-based training, you will help these dogs get ready to change lives. Their future careers might include assisting a Veteran with PTSD manage anxiety, alerting a person with diabetes to control their blood sugar, calming a vulnerable victim of trauma or helping lower stress levels for those in the judicial system. Whatever their careers, our Assistance Dogs-in-training will surely open your hearts; and open doors for people and communities in need.

About Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW)
With the core value of respect for the singular bond between humans and dogs and their unique ability to work together as a team, Program Director Jill Felice founded Assistance Dogs of the West in 1995. Qualities of kindness, gentleness and respect define everything that ADW does in training dogs to assist humans. This compassionate training approach facilitates the deepest possible bond between humans and animals. ADW’s programs model best practices in social-relationship interactions. Every ADW dog learns a minimum of 90 commands. 

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