On July 1 we re-open as Ojo Santa Fe. We welcome overnight guests at 50% occupancy and days guests for private soaking by reservation in the Ojitos. We will move toward full resort operation in stages, with limited occupancy, in adherence of State guidelines for hotels, spas, and pools. Please call our Reservations Center at 877-977-8212 or book online.

Target Sports

Offered in conjunction with Hatchet Throwing and Riflery, Archery is an East Asian practice that draws on the artistry of standing meditation to synchronize body and mind and find inner stillness. Learn basic archery techniques, and then allow this craft’s playful nature to heighten your awareness.
Hatchet Throwing
Learn the fundamentals and techniques of hatchet throwing. Develop techniques to increase focus, concentration and patience while connecting your mental and physical performance.
Discover the art of Riflery on our small high-desert range. Learn the principles of marksmanship as you shoot at targets designed to strengthen your skills. Important: Please wear closed toe shoes.