Concha Garcia Allen, MA, LMT, SEP, Curandera,
Ceremonial Leader and Aztec Dance Leader

My purpose is to validate and support through reminding others of the power of the relationship we have with “All Creation”. As my Aunt Guadalupe used to say, “The spirits in all creation are just waiting for us to ask them for help.” My people say there is no one that knows what you need better than you. When you learn how to petition the “all knowing” with clear purpose, that is when it falls into place for you. I am not the healer, we are all reciprocal and interdependent healers.

These sessions can be offered as single entities or interwoven as the case may be. Concha can create sessions tailored to your individual need.

50 minute sessions- $119
80 minute sessions- $159

Nahui Ollin-Four Movement Dance

“Relationship”-the basis of the philosophy of native people on our continent. Relationship to our bodies, “the measurement of who we are”, relationship to all, the water, air, fire, earth, the all encompassed, the heavens, the cosmos.

A guided meditation in the Nahui Ollin, four movement dance that directly connects you with Mother Earth and your own validity as a worthy, beautifully created being, affirming your own totality to All Relations and your contribution to the order and movement of the cosmos. This meditation also helps connect you to the duality of your left and right brain and the bodily emotions invoked in slow mindful movement. For kinship and fun, you will also do the dances of our relatives: horse, snake, corn, earth and air.

Somatic Experiencing

This healing meditation is an exercise in stopping, feeling and releasing. You will get comfortable on the floor with blankets and pillows, creating a safe, trusting, grounded and nurturing space. You will learn to slow down and track your feelings, holding open, non-judging attention to an internal knowing, directly experienced, but not yet in words. In this peaceful space, you will regain balance, find your own innocence and sweetness. As medicine in this session, a prayer, poem or song may be offered.

Ritual Song and Prayer

You will be taught how to use cedar, sage and copal to smudge and open up their medicine. Learn the proper use of tobacco, one of the strongest spirits on this continent, to send needs, prayers and visions to your ancestors and Creator. Learn how to release past romantic connections or find new connections through a string and fire ceremony.


In Curanderismo which is the practice of a Curandera there is the term “Plática” to signify talk counseling. With gentle and grandmotherly strength, Concha invites you to behold your own true wisdom and courage and begin to trust your own inner resources. She will help you anchor yourself in blessings, beauty and sweetness in order to feel safe enough to develop a practice to increase your own inner resilience and know what to do when you need help.

Summer Prayer Ritual with Concha, Ceremonial Circle:

  • August 26th, 11am