At the center of Sunrise Springs is a Medicine Wheel which has many different meanings and uses across a variety of cultures. This circle, or “mandala,” represents interconnectedness and the harmonious balance between the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of wellbeing. Native Americans refer to “medicine” as the vital power to heal inherent in nature, and within each of us. The Medicine Wheel has inspired our approach to integrative wellness, and is used as a blueprint to assist guests in understanding and addressing specific life circumstances (e.g. jobs, relationships, and illness). 

Our team of licensed counselors and credentialed practitioners assists guests in bringing greater vitality, health, and wellness to their daily lives.


Life Consultation & Enhancement with Michael Schroeder, MA LMFT
Making time for self-care and contemplation of our present life trajectory is often lacking in our day-to-day routines. Most of us can point to aspects of our life path that might benefit from a slight course correction. Sunrise Springs’s Life Consultation and Enhancement sessions are designed to bring insight, inspiration and clarity to our daily lives.  Our Lead Counselor, Michael Schroeder MA, LMFT combines Depth Psychology, principles of Mindfulness and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to help gain new awareness and develop ways to pro-actively manage relationships, life transitions, stress and dreams.

Guests meet with Michael for a relaxed and personal, confidential consultation that can focus on a range of topics including:

  • Cultivating Mindfulness
  • Deepening a Meditation Practice
  • Relationship Tune-Ups and Rejuvenation
  • Communication
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Esteem
  • Intimacy
  • Parenting
  • Transition & Change
  • Goals & Intentions

  • For a general discussion about issues or goals:
    50 minutes $119
  • For a more in-depth discussion, or Couples’ Session:
    80 minutes $179

Michael Schroeder’s services are available to the community, visitors, and Sunrise Springs’ guests.

Phone or Skype sessions are available for follow-up and on-going consultations at the above rates.

Movement & Functional Fitness
The sacred water and the land of Sunrise Springs offers guests a mindful and long-lasting approach to physical health. Creating a manageable and fun fitness program can boost brain power, improve stress management, enhance stamina, increase longevity and elevate endorphins. Let our highly experienced team provide you with the tools to achieve your fitness goals and long-lasting health and wellness.

Movement and Personal Training
Challenge your body and take your workout routine to the next level. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle definition, flexibility or strength acquisition, our exercise specialist will design a personalized program around state of the art modalities including functional and movement based training and apparatus as well as yogic asana-derived techniques.  We believe that deepening your relationship to fitness should be motivating, innovative and fun while supporting your life, hobbies, posture and other interests. 
50 min $99     80 min $145

Private Yoga (Individual or Couple)
Through the use and training of breath, meditation and yoga poses, this private session is designed to support health, connection and clarity in your daily life.
Individual $79     Couples $119

Private Thrive Guide Sessions
Our Thrive Guide Selections are meant to do just as their name implies: Guide you, in a fun and interactive way, to an understanding and experience of what it means to personally Thrive. We believe balance and personal growth occur in the purposeful exploration and development of the Mind-Body Connection and have designed our class offerings around that principle. Let us guide you to some new and inspiring activities and ways to joyously assimilate them into your life. We are confident, that whether you choose an Expressive Arts, Culinary, Gardening, Contemplative or Fitness course, you will gain practice and insight into enjoyable new ways to Thrive!
All sessions 50 minutes:  Individual $79, Couple $119

Seasonal Culinary Adventure
Discover new and exciting ways to create nurturing meals using seasonal produce for yourself and others. When we feed ourselves creatively, we also feed our souls.

Plant Explorations
Individualized explorations in gardening to discover and/ or deepen your connection to nature. We will explore topics around growing techniques, planning a garden, tower gardening, harvesting, raised bed gardening and vegetable and herb gardening.

Guided Art Explorations
Stimulate your right brain through creative expressions in a variety of media. We will explore ways of seeing and being and connecting with the body as a grounding for creative expressions, indoors and in nature. Leave the critic at the door, this is about process, energy, flow and fun!

Body Mind Connection: Self-Care Recharge
Develop a greater level of relaxation and stress reduction. We will use breath awareness, guided visualizations, self-shiatsu (acupressure) techniques and Qigong as tools for self-care and realization. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Medicine Wheel Experience
Discover the tradition and insight of the Native American Medicine Wheel. Gain awareness into areas of potential growth and expansion in your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical relationships to the world and those around you. Cultivate your inner strength of authenticity and personal power.

Couples Guided Meditation
Deepen or launch a mindfulness and meditative practice with your partner. The session will seek to clarify and define each individual as well as the partnership. Learn to identify and respect where each partner intersects and those places of sacred independence.  Principles gained from the session can help the couple to better understand and respect each other.

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Michael received undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Printmaking from the University of California Santa Cruz and has strived to maintain the connection between art and psychology in his career and personal life. 

Michael studied graphic and furniture design at Parsons School of Design in NYC and trained as a Yoga Instructor at New York’s Integral Yoga. For many years, Michael worked as a fine artist specializing in printmaking, resin casting and woodwork with gallery representation in New York City and Santa Fe.  Art led him back to psychology, particularly depth-related modalities and the work of Carl Jung, MD. 

Michael received his Master’s Degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, graduating summa cum laude.  He has worked extensively with couples and kids.  His psychotherapy practice is solution-focused, combining art, myth, mindfulness and elements of Zen Buddhism to help individuals and couples evolve to greater self-knowledge. 

Michael is a licensed psychotherapist (LMFT) in California and New Mexico.  He considers Santa Fe one of the best-kept secrets and loves living amidst its fresh air, cultural richness, four seasons, green chile and abundant outdoor activities.

“I can’t say enough other than this experience will transform your relationship and life.”–Guest, Albuquerque, NM