The Lightning Boy Hoop Dance group is a group created in honor of Valentino Tzigiwhaeno “Lightning Boy” Rivera. We are a tribally inclusive group. It’s our mission to make the amazing opportunities that our son, Tzigiwhaeno, loved, available to as many youth as possible.

They are NOT a BOYS ONLY group! In fact his little sister, cousins and girls from a sister Pueblo of Nambe are in the group along with boys. You may hear them called the Nambe Pueblo Hoop Dancers, they are also sponsored by Nambe Pueblo and the majority of the group are from Nambe Pueblo along with our drummer/singer.

The young dancers receive exclusive and high energy lessons from 6-time World Hoop Dance Champion Nakotah Larance.

The Lightning Boy Hoop Dancers will also be performing on the following dates:

  • September 2, 11am